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One thought on “About

  1. rayzor209 Post author

    I know im asking for trouble when talking about global warming/climate change. So much info coming from both sides its understandable why thiers so much confusion. Can we agree that if our goverments from around the world focuss on clean energy that our future generation would be living in a healthier environment. Some people argue more money more taxes but you know our goverments waste money on alot. And most people know this. We have the minds to make clean energy more efficient if the worlds greatest minds come together. You know rite now ive read about the billions and trillions of dollers going into space projects. And so far ive learned from thier statement s is some astroid smells really bad. And how other moons or planets have oceans under frozen ice..Great stuff but nows not the time..so can we stop fighting. Clean energy would be the greater good for all mankind



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